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Mont Blanc massif. Chamonix

 I would like to show you here how small we are in relation to Nature. In these photos there is always some character, or two. Even more. So watch closely.

In the mountains Glaciers fascinate me the MOST. – Hundreds of years of history, including the geological aspect and the undeniable impact on the environment and the planet are basically unimaginable. – Their vastness, often counted in tens of kilometers. Treacherous glacial crevasses, depths that often reach hundreds of meters – inspire fear and respect at the same time. They are in constant motion – They are alive… – As we know, they are melting at an alarming rate. Often causing even more danger in the high mountain environment, but also in general on Earth. Unfortunately, it’s hard to stop this process, and the prognosis are sad. Although, on the other hand, there have already been different eras in the history of the Earth.
The topic is very complex, I refer you to documentaries, books, and maybe some reflections.


Nature is the best artist – alive – guided by own laws.

Some inspirations.

My favorite colors are Sunrises and Sunsets.

Colors are everything. Black and White is more. –  So they say.

in the Mountains.

 in the Mountains.

in the Mountains.

in the Mountains.

Living a dreams.

In spite of all.

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