The beginning of the adventure of the Mountain…

I remember that the phone rang, on Sunday.

– What are you doing? – he asked
– Nothing, I’m lying down – I answered.
At that time, back in 2015, I was leading a different life.Very different.
– I’m going to the Tatras, are you coming with me? – After which he added – it will not be a “Sunday walk”
– I’m going!

I quickly gathered clothes, shoes, which at the time I thought were the best I had for the mountains, a thermos, an old backpack and some cash. I was happy like a child who had never been in such mountains. Just like that.

My old friend , was already familiar with the Tatras by then, so he was sort of a guide for me. In three days, despite the not so good weather, we managed to climb 3 peaks over 2,000m, including the highest peak in Poland. Rysy 2499m. I remember well his guidance, the views, the chains, and the nights in the hostel. Now in retrospect I see how the spirit of the hostels has changed, for the worse unfortunately.
I can also see that I didnt have the faintest idea in the subject of mountains, but for that first trip to the mountains, for calling then on Sunday, I am forever grateful to you guide.

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