Into the unknown. By ridge. From top to bed. Aiguille du Belvédère (2965m). 02.09.2021

    Once upon a time I took a fancy to a certain peak. It is located in the Aiguilles des Rouges massif. It’s not likely to be visited very often, as the standard trodden paths don’t lead there. And that’s a good thing. I like that kind of thing. Admittedly, up to a certain altitude, you can use a cable car, or even two, so I took them from 1000m and I left at an altitude above 2000m Further climbing in quite specific terrain, i.e. over rocks, boulders, over a field of overdue snow, and over a ridge. I went there in September. The second. 2021. The conditions were perfect. Not too warm, not too cold. The sun was in full force.

    After passing one of the prettiest, but also most populated places, i.e. Lac Blanc Lake 2352m, the real fun began. I hadn’t been there before, so internal focus had to be turned on. The terrain was quite uniform, rocky, intuitive, with only small mounds appearing every now and then, so it still took a while before I reached the ridge. And this is the kind of terrain I like. Demanding attention. I went alone, so this type of action is also somewhat risky for me, but this is the limit of risk that suits me. Sharp boulders, in the unknown, and exposure. The views were very good. On the way there is a certain point of “problem” in the form of a 12m rock wall. I had some gear with me, but managed to ascend in total at ease. It remained about 200m up. I liked the climate very much. Silence, light wind, beautiful rock formations . And me alone. A few minutes before 3pm I climbed the Aiguille du Belveder. 2965m

    Sure thing –  emotions, photos, views, food, drink etc. After a while, I also noticed that it was possible to go a little higher, because the peak, although flat, consists of just in front of the top and a small hill, on the right – well, I went in. Also there would be an unconscious situation, well, but then I gained confidence that higher in this massif is no longer possible. Aiguille Belveder is simply the highest peak of it. It is certainly not the greatest feat in the history of the mountains, but dope for me.

    It was a bit shame to descend, because the place was not bad at all ;D. But it was necessary. I thought to maybe catch the queue below the shelters, but as it turned out later, time ran out. And all in all, it was better. On the way back along the ridge you had to be more careful than climbing. Backwards I did not descend lol. On the other hand, in the place of the “problem” I made a descent on the rope I had with me. Funny thing, because just at this maneuver, the gopro camera failed, due to a weak battery. Bad luck.Well. You won’t see this fun on film.
I encountered chamois, walked on boulders, there was even a ass -slide on old snow. At Lac Blanc Lake there was basically no one left ( the lifts took all the tourists down) it was early evening, the sun was still warmly heating up. A moment’s of stop, and go down. I was in no hurry. I returned from the very top of the mountain, from the highest point of the massif of almost 3000mnpm, to the bed itself. Well it happened. Great feeling.

    In my opinion, exploring unknown areas alone, we have different experiences and emotions. We basically commune alone with Nature. Of course, the experience with a good partner, or in a trusted team, is also unique, as evidenced by hundreds of mountain stories. However, there is something special about solo outings.

    I also believe that despite the names of the first conquerors of a mountain being written in the pages of history, this does not at all mean that the mountain is already ticked off – “Conquered” The clear point is that the first conquerors deserve respect, and that the search for never-before conquered wild peaks is amazing, and has a wonderful flavor of exploration. I, on the other hand, am referring here to personal impressions. After all, each of us conquers every peak in our lives …. for the first time.


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